Josh Melnik
Character Animator

Next Gen

I worked on the feature Next Gen at Tangent Animation in Toronto. We used Blender again, and I was able to apply a lot of what I learned on Ozzy. I was lucky to have the time to really push my shots and work with some incredibly talented people. It was an amazing project and I am still full of inspiration from my time working on it.

This is a small sample of my animation from Next Gen

Run Ozzy Run!

The first full length feature release done in Blender. This was the first project I worked on at Tangent in Toronto, and while the budget was much less it was a great learning experience and I am proud of what we produced. Ozzy was my introduction to Blender (beyond some failed attempts to learn the software years prior). I was able to work in multiple aspects of the pipeline, and help out in lighting and compositing. I learned a lot during that process and got a robust sense of many aspects of the software.

This is my Run Ozzy Run! Animation Show Reel

TV & More

I've worked on several TV shows over the years, from the Jimmy Neutron spin off "Planet Sheen" to the preschool "Bubble Guppies".

I will cut a small sample reel soon....