Josh Melnik
Character Animator


This is a quick little run cycle (in Blender) I did with the wonderful rig from LevelPixelLevel.

My goal was to animate something with stepped keys only. No inbetweens, no splines. I wanted to push the style and get a really clean spacing-- basically try my hand at a stop motion feel. I ended up using a combination of 2s and 1s. I had initially tried to keep everything on 2s but the run had more texture when parts of it were a little snappier.

Polycount Riot Art Contest 2014

Walk Cycle
Attack Cycle

In 2014 while I was between contracts I spent a few weeks to enter the Riot Art Contest at Polycount. The contest required you to animate a walk and attack cycle for a Leage of Legends character of your choosing. I chose the character Shaco.

While I didn't place in the contest, it was great practice for some basic body mechanics. I also used the time to try out some rigs from Long Winter Studios.

Above are my finished cycles. You can check out my archived thread here as well.